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We also offer termite treatments - set up an inspection to determine pricing.

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General Pest control

$75 โ€” No Contract, just great service!

Our Step by Step method of treatment eliminates your bug problems and keeps them gone. With a Full 90 Day Warranty.

Forney Pest Control at it's finest! This is also our Quarterly Pest Service - We recommend this treatment every 90 Days, but you can take advantage anytime you like. Same great price, same great service, same continous warranty as if you had a contract. If you've ever been locked into a contract with a company you weren't satisfied with, you will appreciate our commitment to you and not to our committed contract.

If you have called around, or have done business with a pest control company in the past. You've probably noticed there is a vast difference in price. Price is the least of your problems, it's coverage that is the biggest cost to you!

Much like an insurance policy, it's not what you're covered for that leads to the highest incured cost, it's what you're NOT covered for that is the biggest surprise to your wallet.

We invite you to call ANY company in the phone book and ask if you buy their General Pest Control Service if you're covered for : mice, rate, wasps, yellow jackets, fire ants, pharoah ants, fleas, ticks, spiders. You'll be surprised to find the answer is NO almost everytime.

With the answer is YES everytime!

You are covered for everything except Non Nesting Flying Insects and Termites.

Interior Treament Includes:

Kitchen and Bathroom cracks and crevices.

Baseboards - All rooms.

Corners both high and low.

Web removal

Complete Garage

Attic Entry.

Exterior Treatment Includes:

Around all windows and doors.

Eaves and overhangs.

Wheep holes.

Foundation and 4ft. up.

Perimeter of home.

Flowerbed areas 6ft. out.

Spider webs removed

Wasp/Yellow Jacket nests removed.

Fire Ant mounds extinguished.

Full 90 Day Warranty! (Up to 3000 sq. ft)


Yard Services


Forney, TX is known as the "Antique Capital of Texas". Some folks believe it's also the FIRE ANT capital of Texas!

They could be right. All of this area 25 years ago was someones pasture land. There is a great deal of Forney that is considered flood plane zones. All of this creates considerable top soil moisture all year long. That coupled with the stringent Texas heat makes for an ideal environment for insect breeding.

No matter if you have animals or not, fleas and ticks can be quite a painful and dangerous problem to have.

Your yard is your frontline defense against pests of all kinds. If not treated carefully you could find yourself loosing the battle against bugs this year. Sure you could do it yourself, but I doubt you could do it without spending alot more than $75.00. We have the equipment, products and knowledge to do the job for you.

You will be the smartest person on your block when your neighbors see your yard doesn't have 10 unsightly ant mounds, and you haven't even broke a sweat!

Let us protect your kids and pets this year with a pest control yard treatment. You'll be glad you did.

Treatment of your yard treats:



Fire Ants

Pavement Ants

Harvester Ants

Argentine Ants

Grass Hoppers



All yard treatments are Warrantied for 30 Days!

We know it's not 90 Days, but this is Texas! (Fifty foot perimeter)

Termite Inspections

$75 - Everyone needs a Termite Inspection. Every home in Forney either - Has had, Will have, or Does have Termites.

Unless you live in an all metal building with steel beams, concrete walls and no wood construction at all, you are the exception.

The rest of us have to worry about Termites!

We are aware there are companies that offer FREE Termite Inspections, but those companies only want to sell you a Termite Treatment. Not one of those companies will offer you a GUARANTEE with their FREE Termite Inspection.

You may say "That's fine, if I don't have Termites then I got a FREE Inspection" Not Exactly!

You see, they don't care if you have Termites or not. They are there to sell you a treatment. It's like this:

If you have Termites they sell you a treatment.

If you DO NOT have Termites they sell you a PREVENTATIVE treatment.

If you're keeping score by now you've figured out that who they send to your home, your largest investment in your lifetime is a SALESMAN. Not a Certified Master Inspector such as the Owner of our Company.

We have performed more Termite Inspections than just about ANY company in the whole state of Texas. We perform more than 300 Termite Inspections per month. That's over 50,000 inspections!

We offer a full SIX MONTH Warranty with our Termite Inspections. If you get Termites within Six Months of our inspection, we will treat them free of charge!

Just like with any statements we make on this website, don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Then call us!

There is not one single salesman employed by our company. Not one dollar is paid in commission to anyone.

Your home will be inspected by a State of Texas Certified Termite Inspector, who is NOT at your home to sell you ANYTHING. If we find Termites, you can let us treat them, or ANY company of your choosing.

You are GUARANTEED to NEVER hear a sales pitch from any of our inspectors.

So if you are a home owner, perspective buyer or seller of a home, we would love to inspect your home.

Termite Inspections are also refered to as WDI Reports, WDO Reports, Pest Inspections. They are all the same written documentation that the home has been inspected for Wood Destroying Insects. (Up to 3000 sf, Not a termite warranty)

Termite Inspections Include inspections for:


Drywood Termites

Formosan Termites

Carpenter Ants

Powder Post Beetles

Old House Borers

Wood Rot

Excessive Moisture

Insufficient ventilation

Insufficient drainage

Conducive Conditions